Professional Blogging Career: Is It Good Career Option For Youngsters or Not?

Hi Reader, I am Vk and here I am going to share my Blogging experience and story with you that how I started blogging and become full time professional blogger. My topic is – Blogging is a good career option or not. Few years back in 2012, I was started blogging for just fun and started my first website, but after some time it become my passion and now, I am professional blogger.

I think blogging is good career option for those, who want to do some different from friends. When I was started blogging, I was in first year but had no interest in books and collage studies. I wanted to do something different and one day, i attended a seminar and got this idea.

In the beginning, I was not taking Blogging seriously and doing for just time pass. But after sometime, I started think to become my blog, a good site and today, my first website’s rank is near 50,000 Global Alexa Rank.

Professional Blogging Career: Is It Good Career Option For Youngsters?

Professional Blogging Career

Blogging is Good Career Option or Not?

Blogging is good career option guys and especially in India. If we talk about Bloggers in India, before 7-8 years, that time, here was very few blogger and mostly people were doing blogging as part time. But now, it is become a good career option, but it is Risky too.

How Blogging is Risky?

Blogging is a risky, suppose, there is a successful blogger, who earns a passive income from blog, but one day his blog has gone hacked or stops getting traffic or any other reason because of that his blog getting down. If his blog getting down due to any reason, it’s direct effect will be on his income. These type of such risks are always having in a Bloggers mind.

Earnings From Blogging:

When anyone choose a career option, he first thinks about salary, earning and income. In Blogging, you can also earn huge, but it is not fixed. It depends on some factor, like niche, traffic and advertisers. But earning from a blog is also quite difficult task and this is the major reason behind youngster leave blogging after less than a year.

How to Earn from Blog?

Earnings, Money, Paisa and Dollars, everyone wants. The big question is how to earn good income from a blog. There are number of sources with the help of those, you can earn a passive income from your blog. The first source is Google Adsense, which is world’s best and biggest PPC network and its alternatives. 2nd big source is Affiliates and third is getting direct ads, which is too difficult. There are more options also available like Link Ads and Pop-up Ads networks etc.

Facts about Blogging:

  1. In India, it is not a reputable job, parents think their son or daughter wasting time on Laptop/system.
  2. In India, when parents hear income of his son or daughter from blogging, they again get it wrong. (Same thing I and my other blogger friends faced frequently). So, you should discus with your parents and try to show them real image.
  3. Here in India, Professional blogging in not considered as full time job, people and family thinks, it is a part time job.
  4. Blogging needs no office, if you are doing blogging from home, your reputation will not too good, because doing work from home is still not acceptable in our society. (Same problem, I frequently face when someone ask about my job status, and I told him/her, I am professional blogger, they always ask me again. So, now when someone asks from me about my job status, i always told, I am professional web designer and developer)

Hope you like this my first post on Vk Verma Blog about professional blogging experience.

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